Just a Period.

Just a Period.

Sponsored Content: Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Just and spread a lot of love on my college campus. Thank you to Her Campus for making this possible as well.

So What is Just?

Just is a company that creates menstrual products (aka tampons and pads) that are really just that. There’s no fragrances, dyes, or chlorine bleaching included. The aim to keep your period as bloody simple as possible with a protective cotton core. It’s an easy choice, and that’s exactly what I need when my time of the month rolls around.

My Just Campaign

Just and Her Campus sent me a 20 pound box of tampons and pads to share. I got to choose, within guidelines, where the products ended up. My goal was simple; let’s make a period just a period and help people out! If Just makes my time of the month easier… let’s do the same for others.

First, I simply placed boxes of tampons and pads into the women’s restrooms on my university’s campus. Along with the product, I wrote a cute, little sticky note as pictured below. Now obviously hitting every single bathroom would be *near* impossible (and honestly just a bad strategy), but I made it to the high traffic ones. This way, if someone is in need they have a save. And, If nothing else, I hope I can brighten someone’s day with an act of kindness and a smiley doodle.

“ JUST here to help (: ”
11/13/19 – World Kindness Day
“ Take what you need, Share some with others (: ”

Now, even after being a tampon fairy around campus, I had more boxes to distribute. This is when I called up my friends that live with other women. I knew how much a simple necessity could help. I thought, why not spread love to some households?

I also gave some boxes to other friends in passing. A box here, a box there, and a couple over there…until the originally 20 pound box became lighter and lighter.

Lastly, Just said I could keep a couple boxes of tampons/pads for myself, and I took them up on the offer. You can say TMI, but hey, I’ll be needing them soon too.

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