What I Spend in a Week as a 21 Year Old in Green Bay

What I Spend in a Week as a 21 Year Old in Green Bay

We have all been seeking the YouTube trend: “What I Spend in Week as a [blank] Year Old in [whatever city]”. I felt the Midwest could use some representation. So here it is, the unedited truth of what I spend in a week.


During the day on Sundays, I like to sleep and relax so I’m ready for my 7:00pm to midnight shift on-air. This results in not a whole lot of spending unless I see the right ad online.

On my way to the station, I usually run through Starbucks. I view it as 1/2 treat and 1/2 necessity. Something about six espresso shots keeps me energized.

Daily Total: $6.59


I didn’t spend at all this day! I just went back and forth to classes and my apartment. I made my own coffee in the morning and dug into previously bought groceries. Pretty boring day, but hey, what else can you expect on a Monday?

Daily Total: $0


This was another weekday on campus. I got hungry in between my morning classes, so I bought a veggie box from the dining hall. It was definitely overpriced and not worth it, but it did satisfy my need for a snack.

After classes, I drove over to my mom’s work so we could get lunch together. She treated to some energy teas and protein shakes from Spark. This was also overpriced, but very yum.

Daily Total: $4.19


I made it throughout the day without spending a penny, but then 9:00pm hit and it was time for Applebee’s half apps. I treated myself to some spinach and artichoke dip (my favorite).

The phone didn’t eat first, we did. But, we took selfies afterwards to make up for the lack of half apps, Snapchat content. You’re welcome.

Daily Total: $6.22


My days of “free food” at home ended, and I needed to do some grocery shopping. I picked up some bulk veggies and smoked salmon at Sam’s Club for $21.46. These are things that work perfectly in my meal preps.

Also, it was date night and my turn to pay for our dinner tab of $32.88 at Gallagher’s (you’re welcome babe).

Daily Total: $54.32


I finally started Christmas shopping! I found some cute things at TJ Maxx for people on my list totaling to $52.46.

After this “hard work”, I took a little caffeine and snack break. I got some egg white egg bites and a tea from Starbucks for $6.07.

Daily Total: $58.53


I woke up to an email that my electric bill was ready. I would’ve preferred birds chirping, but it only cost me $28.51.

Kwik Trip took another $3.36 because I was running “right on time”. I needed some coffee and a snack quick before my Sunday production job at the radio station.

Later in the day, I was settling down to study for my last exam of the semester (yay!). I decided I needed/wanted a snack, so I picked up some kombucha and trail mix at Target for $7.50.

Daily Total: $39.37

So, What Did I Spend in a Week?

The grand total is… *drumroll* … $169.22!

Now, this is definitely larger than my typical spending. It’s the holiday time and I had a bill accounted for in this week. So, give me a slight break.

But, does this show me I could cut back on the Starbucks and other caffeine purchases? Yes, it does. I will probably still justify my Sunday night Starbucks trip, but other days I am more than capable of making coffee or tea at home.

Here’s to a resolution I already want to break.

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