I Got a $20 Bando Goody (Mystery) Bag, Here’s the Tea…

I Got a $20 Bando Goody (Mystery) Bag, Here’s the Tea…

Bando is a brand specializing in stationary, coffee mugs, and other cute products. I absolutely adore the items and designs they come out with. I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw an ad I just couldn’t pass up. It was a mystery grab bag from Bando. Just twenty bucks for some new desk eye candy? I was sold instantly.

My Goodies

Soon after ordering, a Bando package showed up at my door. I opened up the box to discover a pink print inside and the glossy, white bag from the ad. “Good Things Await” was a slogan that did not disappoint. The following are the items I un-boxed (or you could say, “un-bagged”?)…

Hot Stuff Coffee Traveler $15
the new, eco friendly companion of my coffee runs
Forever Busy Pencil Pouch $14
what I tell people when I don’t want to do something
Write On Pencils $10
what I will write all my plots with
Get It Together Paper Clips $10
what I am currently doing with my life
It Will All Work Out Notebooks $15
what I am writing my resolutions in
Chill Out Popsicle Molds $10
thinking of all the cute summer treats I’ll make

So, Was it Worth it?

As you may imagine, my answer is yes. The combined value of the items was $74 (way over the $20 I paid)! So, coin wise the goody bag was very worth it. I would also argue aesthetic wise the bag was on point. I love each item I received, and I will be using every item.

Mystery boxes and bags can be a gamble. This is one, I am happy I rolled the dice on.

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