My Experience as a Her Campus Trendsetter

My Experience as a Her Campus Trendsetter

When I first saw the application to be a Campus Trendsetter with Her Campus I was intrigued. Trendsetters, in general, are college students who weigh in on all the trends (it is in the name after all). Taking surveys and testing *free* products are just a couple of the ways they share opinions.

The Trendsetter role promised resume building opportunities, networking, and the chance to collaborate with major brands. Of course, I sent in an application with my fingers crossed. I was excited to hear back when I was accepted; I dived right into the Trendsetter community and found those promises to be true.

When you first join, you are invited into the Facebook page which includes other Trendsetters from all over the states (and even other countries!). It really is a whole network of women leaders and “girl bosses”. I am happy I have been able to connect with many of these ladies past just Facebook. Some of us have joined each others Linkedin networks. Some of us even have group chats.

Then there’s the opportunity to work with brands. I’ve had the chance to execute three social media campaigns. The latest one I posted on this blog was with Just Periods. I had another one with Moroccan Oil. Also, I had a “back to school” campaign that I worked on with multiple brands (L’Oreal, Extra, and Milani Cosmetics to name a few). The brand stories I have been able to create were very fun and authentic to me. Plus, who doesn’t love some free self care products?

Her Campus is a company that I really admire. The mission that the company has and that I see many Trendsetters emulate is empowerment. If you are interested in becoming a Campus Trendsetter, I encourage you to apply! You can click here for the application; feel free to say “Megan Roshak” referred you.

In this next semester, I am looking forward to connecting with all the new Trendsetters and working on upcoming campaigns!

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