Pink Velvet is the New Red at Dunkin’ Donuts

Pink Velvet is the New Red at Dunkin’ Donuts

Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or whatever you decide to celebrate can definitely pair well with a tasty and aesthetic drink. Dunkin’ Donuts recently released a new sip designed perfectly for the month of X’s and O’s. The Pink Velvet Signature Latte was created to aim cupid’s arrow right at your tastebuds. Of course, I had to taste for myself to see if the love potion hit the spot.

In the Palm of My Hand…

It definitely passes the “Insta-Worthy” test! The pink velvet bottom transitions into a espresso color on the way up the drink. Then the latte is topped off with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and cocoa powder.

I ordered mine iced to see the full ombré effect, but this drink also comes hot (and with the optional milk substitute!).

Love at First Sip?

I wouldn’t kiss and tell…but, I can say yum! The pink velvet syrup and espresso make for an extremely smooth taste. On top the whip sits like a cloud and adds some lightness to the drink. All the flavors come together nicely and sweetly.

The only catch? You may experience a sugar rush after finishing it. Ah, the things one does for love and caffeine…

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