Matcha is Back and Better

Matcha is Back and Better

Last month, Dunkin’ Donuts added matcha lattes to their menu. This month, Starbucks released a revamped matcha latte with pineapple flavor added. It seems that matcha is back in, and I have some drinks to review…

Dunkin’s Take on the Classic

I ordered the “Medium Iced Matcha Latte” at Dunkin’ with the substitution of almond milk. You can also order it hot or blended (and of course, with dairy).

Personally, I enjoy the sweet matcha lattes that many of the coffee chains have to offer. If you like matcha lattes, it’s a safe bet you will like Dunkin’s version.

Spending my Stars at Starbucks

I had all the stars I needed to get a “Venti Pineapple Matcha”. I usually enjoy a coconut milk substitution at Starbucks.

After a sip, I was pleased. The pineapple punch is strong creating a really fruity matcha. It’s definitely something I can see myself ordering once summer comes. It’s refreshing, colorful, and hits the spot.

So, Dunkin’ or Starbucks?

Honestly, both. Each new drink offers a unique matcha experience. Dunkin’ is for you when you are looking for something sweet and decadent. Starbucks is for you when you are looking for a zing. I’d be happy to matcha cheers whichever one you pick.

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