A *Typical* Day in My Life

A *Typical* Day in My Life

Full-Time Student, Marketing Intern, and Blogger are just a few of the titles I carry. Last week, I took over Millennial Marketer’s Instagram Story and showed followers what my typical week-day looks like. As you may imagine or may have saw, it’s busy…but, I have a really great time doing it all.

During the takeover, I also shared some of the behind-the-scenes of my podcast and blog. It was such a fun opportunity to show the new projects I’ve been working on and offer up my personal advice. I loved being able to connect with so many other podcasters and bloggers from the takeover.

In case you didn’t catch it live, I created a recap. I hope it can help if you are looking to get into podcasting or blogging (or maybe already are)! At the very least, I hope I can provide some entertainment.

Thank you to Millennial Marketers for having me host! If you are interested in being part of the community, I encourage you to join.

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