A Note on Self-Care

A Note on Self-Care

Many of us have found more time to stay-in with recent events. Yes, it is *interesting* to say the least, but there are many ways we can focus our energy into something positive. Between course-work and remote-work, I have been focusing on self-care.

Of course, this includes the typical face-mask and bath comforts. I have been loving Shea Moisture’s Mud Mask, Peach Slice’s Moisturizer, and Steffie J’s Lavender Sea Salt Scrub.

These products take care of my skin and help me unwind. Something about the floral and citrus scents put me in a more relaxed state.

I believe self-care is not only “beauty rest”; it’s also taking care of your mental wellness. Personally, I enjoy taking the time to reflect by writing journal entries. I also like to pick up a Jaqueline Susann novel or flip through a Cosmo or Vouge.

It feels good to do these things out of personal interest. I know too often I can get stuck reading because I have to and not because I want to. I find it valuable to take the moments I can to just crack a spine or write a verse for myself. It helps me to work through my thoughts and generate some creativity.

I asked on my Instagram what others do to practice self-care. I appreciate everyone that responded and hope their thoughts can give you some more self-care ideas! I know they inspired me to try some new things:

“journaling! tech free nights, movie nights, things that help be to distress! reading, etc” @mnpfeifle

“lighting candles and watching a movie” @katesmovingmountains

“bubble bath & skin care!” @siarahmaz

“writing in my journal or making an uplifting playlist” @nauticajanaee

“drinking a hot cup of tea” @sofabulousandfun

“remembering to give myself a mental break and be a little selfish every once in a while!” @maggie_galo

“listenin’ to music” @anmcclain

“I normally sleep or listen to a true crime podcast. I’m binging True Crime Obsessed rn.” @beautifully_avery

During this time it’s of utmost importance that you take care of yourself (and stay safe!). We are all in this together.

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