Looking Forward: Post-Quarantine

Looking Forward: Post-Quarantine

I came across this positive affirmation on Instagram that stated:

“I know that things won’t always be my way, things will be out of my control. But, I can control how I react and I can choose to make the best out of any situation”

I found myself instantly relating this to our current situation. Yes, what is currently happening is out of our control. But, we can react to it by quarantining and taking care of ourselves. We have the choice to make the best of it.

I have been trying to make the most of it. My extra time is usually spent on creative projects (like this blog or my podcast), reading, journaling, or enjoying a new show.

But, let’s be honest… I’ve still been missing quite a few things. Study sessions at Starbucks and thrifting hauls with friends are not able to happen. I’ve been seeing these things that I wish I could do as “banned activities”.

To change my perspective, I started to make a list and compile my post-quarantine plans. It was calming to think about all the things I am looking forward to:

Going out to cafes. I love the local coffee shops in my area. Sitting down in their cozy seats and sipping on a lavender latte sounds so good.

Going out to eat with family. My mom and I love our brunch, so we will be excited when Sunday’s resume back to normal.

Day-tripping to Milwaukee. The city is only a couple hours away from me, and I love to visit. A lot of my friends live in the area along with a lot of my favorite stores.

Girls nights in-person. The Zoom wine nights/coffee dates have been nice, but I will be happy to see everyone in person too.

Going on a Minnesota road-trip. This was a plan I had made pre-quarantine, but because of current events it is cancelled. The big things I wanted to do was shop around the Mall of America and visit Paisley Park again.

While I would love for all these plans to happen ASAP, I do want us all to take the necessary precautions. I do not mind waiting a bit longer if it means keeping us all safer.

What are you looking forward to?

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