My Personal Tips for Productivity

My Personal Tips for Productivity

Most of us have experienced the shift to online classes or are now working-from-home. Or maybe you are balancing both like me. It definitely has its challenges.

After a month of my new routine, I have figured out more of what works for me during this time. I will be sharing with you some of the things I have been doing to keep productive.

I hope that this will help you in your day-to-day or inspire you to try something new!

Plan, Plan, Plan

First things first, having a schedule is *extremely* important. When I don’t plan out my day, I act on every possible distraction I can think of. So, I write out specific to-dos and keep my calendar close by.

I absolutely love my Create & Cultivate planner. It has prompts within each week for you to write down your weekly mantra, goals, inspo, self-care plans, and of course tasks.

I appreciate having a space to dump all my thoughts and layout the week ahead of me. I also appreciate looking back on it after the week is up to reflect.

Another scheduling tool I use is one that I created:

Feel free to use it too; just click here for a PDF!

It has space for you to write down what you are up to each day as well as a section for to-dos. I wrote out on a copy the specific times I am “at” work and “in” classes. The schedule hangs up by my desk to show a framework for my day.

I have also been loving Instagram templates to prep each day. Kristina McInnis created these daily work-from-home story templates:

Visit her Instagram here to screenshot all of them!

They are adorable and fun to fill out. Also, they keep me accountable! If I publicly say what I am going to do, then I feel like have to do it.

TikTok off the Clock

The next way I stay productive is by limiting distractions. This is way easier said than done. Even with a plan, I can still fall victim to endlessly scrolling Pinterest.

How I attempt to stay on task is by moving my phone out of reach and putting my notifications on silent. The only times I allow myself to pick up my phone are when I want to change a song or podcast.

We are all in this together; let’s resist taking a selfie until we are done with work.

Take Care of Yourself

Lastly, I remind myself to take breaks. I know that this piece is all about productivity, but you cannot be productive if you are burnt out.

When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I take a step back and pick up my journal or a book. Then 10-20 minutes later, I am refreshed and ready to tackle the project in front of me again.

It is okay if productivity looks different during this time. We are dealing with something that we haven’t had to before. Remember: doing our best is enough.

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