Let’s Get Social: Instagram Story Templates

Let’s Get Social: Instagram Story Templates

Recently, I have been loving all the creative gif challenges and templates being shared on Instagram stories. I can tell that my Insta community has been loving them too! It is such a fun way to get to know others on the platform. Also, it’s a simple way to create engaging content.

I’ve created a series of gif check-ins, schedule templates, and some *bonus* phone wallpapers to share with you all. I hope they encourage you to get social on your social media.

Here are the first couple… The “Sunday Gif Check-In” offers a way for you to reflect and goal set. The “My Quar In Gifs” offers an easy way to create fun and relatable content in your Instagram stories.

These next two templates are perfect for sharing your weekend with your community. You can type out your to-dos to keep accountable. If you are a content creator yourself, you can type out what posts your audience can expect. You can also just type out what show you’re binging; you never know who might take the recommendation!

“Recap of My Week In Gifs” is another template that is perfect for some reflection. “Creators I Love” is a template that allows you to shoutout some of your favorites! It is so cool the interactions I have had with people after tagging them in an Insta story.

And lastly, here are some *bonus* wallpapers! Everybody needs a cute inspiring quote, right? Feel free to share these on your Insta stories too!

Tag me @Megan.Roshak if you post; I would love to see the templates in action!

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