Fashion Your Future: Creating a Vision Board

Fashion Your Future: Creating a Vision Board

Every so often, my Cosmo subscription stack gets out of hand. Soon it’ll be June and October’s issue is still around. To recycle my magazines, I decided to make a new vision board. I previously set my goals for the year, but I still find it helpful to visualize *aesthetically* what I’m working towards. I see the main purpose of a vision board as visualizing a lifestyle/mood.

To get started, I began to flip through the magazine pages and rip out what I liked. The paper that made it past the first round was carefully cut. Then, I started arranging the elements and gluing them down. Finally, I ended up with this as my finished product:

In my *biased* opinion, it does look pretty cute. There are some meaningful highlights I’d like to note:

-In the collage there are two quotes: “once upon a time” and “live your dreams”. To me, the first quote represents day-dreaming. The second one tells me to *actually* take action.

-Then, there are the aesthetic baths. Honestly, I gravitated towards these pictures because of their looks, but they are nice reminders to practice self-care too. I hope to one day get some rose petals and recreate that insta worthy spa.

-One of my favorite images is the kitty with the pet-friendly wine. Once I move and get settled in, I would love to adopt. Wine Wednesdays with a furry friend? Sign me up!

-If you love caffeine like I do, you probably noticed the coffee mug right away. This is kinda on my board out of necessity (have to stay energized). Also, an espresso machine is still on my wishlist. My hope is that seeing the little mug may remind me to save up.

I will let the rest of the images be open to interpretation. Are they on the board just for fun? Or do the clippings have a grand plan? I guess we will have to wait and see…

Have you ever created a vision board? Do you have one? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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