May Highlights

May Highlights

It’s cliche, but May really did fly by. I finished my junior year of college, I started working full-time for my internship (remotely), and I made some memories along the way. Here is a glimpse into my month…

After classes wrapped up, I had some more time to relax and read for pleasure. I finally got around to breaking the spine of Jacqueline Susann’s “Once is Not Enough.” As with her other novel, “Valley of the Dolls”, my heart broke for some characters. But, I would still recommend the book; it’s excellently emotional.

During the month, I also released two podcast episodes! I got to chat with some really amazing guests: Sam Desalvo and Hannah Harshe.

Sam and I talked all about social media marketing and the industry as a whole. She shared some tips and insight on how you can use social media for your business or side hustle. Hannah and I discussed sports media for women and the behind-the-scenes of the book publishing process. It was so interesting to hear her story. You can check out the interviews here and here.

Near the end of May, the state of Wisconsin started to open up a little more. My friend Ashley and I were finally able to have a girls day (while staying safe, of course).

We went for a socially distant stroll downtown and snapped some pics. In my opinion, the iPhone photography turned out pretty good. We also got Starbucks! I say that very excitedly since it has been closed for a while in my area. I had definitely been craving some espresso.

Before closing out May, I want to thank you for another month of growth! Welcome to anyone new to the blog; I’m excited to chat with you all next week.

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