June Highlights

June Highlights

Another month, another reflection. Here’s a look into my June…

Early in the month, I started my online summer course. While that may not sound exciting, I am happy to be getting credits out of the way before my senior year. Admittedly, it still feels a bit unreal that I will be entering my last year of college in fall.

Around mid-June, most of my state was opened up. Of course I wanted to get out a bit, but I also wanted to stay safe. I found a perfect middle ground with socially distant activities like mini golfing. I also enjoyed going on the Tour de Coffee (more about that experience here).

Last but certainly not least, I released a couple podcasts during the month. On episode 7, I was joined by Emily Blair Marcus. She currently runs her own PR Agency, but she used to work for US Weekly. We talked all about her experiences in the entertainment business; Emily even shared some red carpet stories.

You can check out the episode here.

Before closing out June, I want to thank you for following along. Also, here’s a fun fact: If you have been here since the beginning, we have had a total of 30 posts together! Pretty cool, right? Anyways, I will chat with you all soon!

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