Increasing Instagram Engagement: A Pre-Post Checklist

Increasing Instagram Engagement: A Pre-Post Checklist

Imagine this: you just took an amazing photo, and you are excited to post it on the gram. It matches your color palette perfectly. Also, it is going to complement the rest of your Insta grid.

So you can share the image with the largest audience possible, here’s a checklist of things to-do before you post:

Tag your location. People can discover your page through geotags! This can result in higher engagement and followers, but it may even lead to networking. When I was on my Chicago trip, I posted a photo on Insta and tagged downtown. A Chicago blogger ended up commenting on it, and we chatted about things to do in the city. They found me through my location tag.

Utilize hashtags. I’ll admit, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I finally started putting real effort into my hashtags. As soon as I did, I realized what I was missing out on. Your page and photos are significantly more searchable with hashtags.

I personally use a mix of frequently used hashtags and more unique tags. I have a set of hashtags in my iPhone notes that I always copy and paste for posts. For example, I frequently use tags like #blogger, #bloggersofwisconsin, and #ontheblog. But, I also add different hashtags each time that are specific to each post.

Tag accounts. This is another small thing you can do to get your posts the recognition they deserve! I typically tag myself and my other accounts in my posts. I also tag blogger and creator Instagram groups in my posts like @thecreatorplace and @campustrendsetters. These groups may engage with your posts, share your posts, or they may even repost your posts. Getting your content shown to other audiences can help you grow your own follower base and community.

Check on your followers. Before you post, make sure your core audience is present! Post during times when your followers are most active. You can check this out in insights if you have a “public figure” or “business” account.

Press post! You are now ready to share your content and connect with a wider community. Just remember: engagement isn’t a one way street. Interact with others, network, and always respond to comments. Social media is meant to be social.

What’s on your pre-post checklist? What are some of your favorite hashtags? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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