Skin Care Mini Fridges: The Benefits & The Issues

Skin Care Mini Fridges: The Benefits & The Issues

Maybe it’s the quarantine talking, but I have been seriously considering if I need a Skin Care Mini Fridge. The easy answer (and the answer my boyfriend gives) is “no”, but my heart is telling me “yes.” Whenever I see a skin care #shelfie pic on my Insta timeline, I daydream about what mine would look like.

I decided to do some research to round up the benefits and issues associated with Skin Care Mini Fridges. I figured it would help all of us understand the trend and answer the question: “is it worth it?”.

The Potential Benefits

Longer lasting products. According to NYC Dermatologist, Debra Jaliman, products containing vitamin C, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide keep better in cooler environments.

It should also be noted that all natural and organic beauty products inspired Ilona Safnonova to create the Makeup Fridge. Clean formulas don’t include many “preservatives”, so they can potentially last longer chilled.

Enhanced skin care routine. While a Skin Care Mini Fridge won’t completely change your product, it could change your product’s performance. For example, cold moisturizers can help to soothe puffiness. Also, a face mask can feel better with a cooler application.

Aesthetic & luxury value. You have to admit Skin Care Mini Fridges are cute! They could add a fun pop of color to your space. Also, they could make your morning and night routines feel a little more luxurious.

The Potential Issues

Counter space. If you have a small bathroom or limited counter space a Skin Care Mini Fridge might not fit in without accommodations.

Lack of necessity. Most of us have a regular fridge. Skin care products could just go in there.

Cost. Prices range on Skin Care Mini Fridges depending on the brand and size. $50 USD to $150 USD is pretty standard.

Is The SCMF Worth It?

If you frequently use skin care products, want a little luxury, and have some coin to spend…I’d say yes. If you don’t include skin care in your daily routine, then it may not be worth it.

I frequently use all natural/organic products, so a Skin Care Mini Fridge really appeals to me. I also believe it would be a great investment in the name of self-care.

Do you have a Skin Care Mini Fridge? What products would you put in your Skin Care Mini Fridge? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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