Style Mood Board: Looks I Have Been Loving

Style Mood Board: Looks I Have Been Loving

Lately, I’ve been working on defining my style and revamping my closet. Quarantine has really given me the time to go piece by piece of my current wardrobe and ask “does this spark joy?”.

To get some new outfit inspiration, I took to Pinterest and created a style board. 90+ pins later, I started to see some common trends and a color palette.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been loving:

Puffy Sleeves. Admittedly, I have not always been a fan of the puff, but now I can’t get enough. They are fun and add an interesting dimension to any look.

One Shoulder Crops. These tops are so cute yet so simple. The asymmetrical look can really upgrade an outfit without much effort.

Midi Skirts. Are these all over your Instagram feeds too? They look so comfy, flow-y, and carefree.

Embroidered Crewnecks. I have always been a fan of comfy crewnecks. But, not all of my crewnecks are what I’d consider *fashionable*. Embroidery gives crewnecks a cleaner look.

Frills. Need I say more?

High-Waisted Pants. Personally, I find high-waisted more flattering on my body than low-waisted. If we went back to the early 2000’s, I may feel differently.

Pastel Colors. Greens, pinks, and tans have been my go-tos lately.

My current closet holds some of the listed looks, but I am still on the hunt for others. I may have to jump on the “thrifting my Pinterest board” bandwagon…

Which looks do you love? Where do you shop? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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