Cute & Functional DIY Car Makeover

Cute & Functional DIY Car Makeover

Every so often, I like to deep clean my car. I usually know the time has come when my car floor is littered with Starbucks cups and wrappers. Typically, I just collect the garbage, vacuum the floor and seats, and add a new air freshener.

But, this time I thought my car could use a little extra TLC. So, after cleaning, I looked on Pinterest for some DIY inspiration and went to my local Dollar Tree for supplies. I wanted to make my car a bit more organized and functional on the inside.

I picked up a plastic carrier, two reusable bags, a pack of three mini containers, a cord holder, an infinity scarf, and an adorable hand sanitizer. I’ll admit, I couldn’t resist the alpaca.

With the basket and the infinity scarf, I got crafty. I had seen a lot of pins where people used a plain carrier as a drive thru caddy. I wanted to make my own version of this that was more functional for coffee runs. My goal was to create a carrier that could handle iced coffee condensation yet insulate hot drinks.

First, I cut the infinity scarf across it’s seam so I could lay it flat. Then I cut it into four fabric strands. I used these strands to weave in and out of the plastic carrier. I also used one of the strands to wrap around the handle.

I then took a kitchen towel and cut it into pieces that would fit in the bottom of the carrier sections (P.S. you can pick up towels at Dollar Tree too!). Lastly, I added on the hand sanitizer. This cute carrier came together for under five bucks!

The rest of the items didn’t need as much assembly, so I just started to place everything in my car.

I put the reusable bags over the head rests of the two front seats. These will serve as storage if needed, or I can use them while running errands. I set my carrier on the passenger seat complete with a cold brew.

I was able to stack the mini containers in the compartment in between the two front seats. These containers fit in perfectly and will help me to reduce clutter.

With the cord holder, I simply wrapped up my cords to the length I need them. This helps to keep them in place. Plus, it’s a fun and colorful touch.

Overall, I am really happy with how my mini car makeover came together. All the little touches make my car feel way more tidy. Now, I can’t wait until the next road trip I take. I am sure my coffee carrier will come in handy.

How do you keep your car organized? Will you do the carrier DIY? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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