Repurpose your Rosé: Wine Bottle Craft

Repurpose your Rosé: Wine Bottle Craft

There are better ways to recycle your empty bottles. In fact, there are endless ways that you can up-cycle them. I decided to get crafty and turn my empty rosé bottle into a cute holiday decoration.

To prepare for my project, I went to Target and picked up a few supplies. I got a couple of ornaments, tinsel garland, and a hot glue gun. I already had a wine bottle and twine at home. If you want to do this craft yourself, pick out whatever ornaments and tinsel speak to you! There are so many ways to customize it and make it fit your style. I just thought the fox ballerina ornament was too cute to pass up.

Once I had everything that I needed laying out, I plugged in my hot glue gun to get started. I also removed the cap from the bottle and put it aside.

I began by hot gluing one end of the twine to the base of the bottle. Then, I twisted the twine around the bottle while gluing each layer on the way up. I cut off the twine once I reached the metal piece on the bottle. I was honestly surprised at how much twine it took to cover the wine bottle, so I was happy that I started with a full roll.

Around the metal piece, I took the tinsel and wrapped it around as I did with the twine. I started at the bottom of the metal and worked my way up to the mouth of the bottle. I didn’t bother hot gluing the tinsel along the way since it held the coiled shape, but I did glue it down at the start. Once I reached the top, I cut the tinsel and tucked a bit of excess tinsel into the bottle. Then I put the cap back on to hold the tinsel in place.

Lastly, I added on the ornaments. The string on the ornaments I picked out was the perfect length, so I was able to place them around the top of the bottle. If you try out this project and want your ornaments in a specific place, just use hot glue!

I am really happy with how this up-cycling project turned out. I will be gifting my creation, but I may make another to add some festive vibes to my apartment.

How do you get crafty during the holidays? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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