Love at First Sip: Valentine’s Day at Dunkin’

Love at First Sip: Valentine’s Day at Dunkin’

Cupid’s back in town! This means Dunkin’ has some delicious holiday treats for us to enjoy in February!

As you may already know, I love conducting coffee reviews here and there. I can never seem to resist Dunkin’s seasonal offerings. With it being the month of love, I figured it would be appropriate to enlist the help of my significant other, Max, to test Dunkin’s Valentine’s Day menu.

First up, we had to try the Pink Velvet Macchiato. This drink is so eye-catching and cute! Last year, I taste-tested the Pink Velvet Latte off of Dunkin’s seasonal menu. I thought it was really fun and sweet. I’d say my thoughts are pretty similar on this year’s Pink Velvet drink. I think it tastes like you are taking a bite out of a cake. Max said it was literally like a “liquid birthday cake.”

Next, we sipped on the Mocha Macchiato. This drink isn’t exclusive to just Valentine’s Day, but it is featured as part of Dunkin’s V-Day lineup. I’d suggest this drink for any chocolate lover. It is extremely rich in flavor and, well, chocolate. If you want more of the espresso taste to come through, I’d suggest adding an extra shot. Max noticed a “minty” taste in the drink’s profile.

Lastly, we shared an adorable heart-shaped donut. I went on my Dunkin’ trip later in the day, so they had run out of the headlining Brownie Batter and Cupid Choice Donuts. But, they still had some other heart-shaped options. I opted for the powdered heart with chocolate filling. Max and I really enjoyed it. We both thought the inside was the best part. It tasted just like pre-made frosting (which I have eaten right out of the jar before).

If you are looking to get the frosted V-Day donuts with sprinkles, I’d recommend going early in the day. I’d even recommend asking your Valentine out for a morning coffee date to enjoy all the sweets Max and I did.

Have you tried Dunkin’s Valentine’s Day Menu yet? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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