February Highlights ’21

February Highlights ’21

Let’s catch up and recap February!

Early in the month, I had the opportunity to attend a yoga event led by Janice Liou. If you don’t already keep up with her on Instagram, you should! Her feed is very creative and inspiring.

The event was so relaxing and made me realize that I should make more time for movement in my days. Even doing a quick cardio routine in the morning can make all the difference with my mood and productivity.

Right in the middle of February, I had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day with my significant other. We ordered some delicious takeout and watched our favorite show, Doctor Who. I even made some chocolate covered-strawberries sprinkled with cacao. Yes, there were as yummy as they look.

Later in the month, I attended another event, but this time it was a podcasting webinar. Scott Seidenberg hosted and shared his story along with podcasting tips and tricks. It was cool to gain some more insight into podcasting. Also, I was able to learn some ways to further develop my podcast, Megan Till Midnight.

And speaking of podcasting, my episode with Lexy Panterra came out in February! I thought this was very fitting since one of her albums is named “Gemini Valentine.” You can listen to the show here.

Before closing out the month, I want to say thank you and welcome to anyone new! In February, viewer records were broken. It makes me happy to see this space grow, and I am excited to share more with you all in March.

What were your highlights? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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