Learning Photography: My Camera Starter Kit

Learning Photography: My Camera Starter Kit

This semester, I challenged myself to learn something new. I enrolled in my first college art class to learn photography. It’s a skill that I admire and have wanted to learn for some time. But, the process of figuring out what I needed to do photography was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t know what camera would be best for me.

Through class lectures and some personal research, I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted and needed to get started. If you want to get into photography too, I hope that this blog helps!

Here’s my camera starter kit:

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: I ended up getting this camera for a few reasons. First, the reviews gave me confidence in it. Many said good things about this camera and said it was great for beginners. The price also wasn’t too bad since it included the camera body, the lens, and a few other accessories. Also, I noticed that there were a ton of free resources online for this camera. So many people have created YouTube video tutorials on how to use the Rebel. I have found this extremely helpful in learning.

32GB Memory Card: Honestly, this was the memory card that was suggested to buy with the camera online. In short, it works! Do I necessarily need 32GB’s worth of space right now? Nope. But, could it come in handy? Yes.

Camera Cleaning Kit: My professor recommended not to spend a lot on a camera cleaning kit. They all contain about the same things that do the same jobs. In this kit specifically, I have used the blower brush the most. I’ve found YouTube helpful in learning how to properly clean my camera.

Pink Cross-Body Camera Bag: It’s very cute, functional, and protective. It has been convenient to take on the go when shooting.

Lens Filters: The first lens filter I got was a polarizer. This type of filter comes in handy in some lighting scenarios. Now, I want to get a UV lens filter. This type of filter is good for general lens protection. Looking back, I would’ve bought the UV lens filter first.

What camera do you currently use? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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