My Drugstore Beauty Must-Haves

My Drugstore Beauty Must-Haves

You can treat yourself without breaking the bank. In fact, there are many little luxuries that you can find at your local drugstore.

In preparation for this blog post, I went to Walgreens and picked up a few of my favorites. The items vary from skincare to makeup to nail care. I believe the following list has something for everyone!

#1. Soap & Glory What A Peeling Mask. The first time I used this, I was shocked at just how pink it truly was. It gave me a good laugh when I looked at myself in the mirror while applying.

But, it works very nicely. After using it, my skin feels much softer and refreshed. I also like that it stays on for about 20-25 minutes. While it’s on, I can simply relax and enjoy it.

#2. Elf Expert Liquid Liner. This has been a staple in my routine for years. It’s extremely affordable, and it allows you to create the perfect cat-eye. Plus, it stays in place throughout the day. I haven’t found a better liner.

#3. Soap & Glory Ultra Smoothing Lip Oil. I love the tint, and it’s very hydrating. This is my go-to when I want a glossier look.

#4. Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Balm. During cooler seasons, my cuticles get very dehydrated. This product with lotion helps!

#5. Kiss Gel Fantasy Short Nails. I used to love getting acrylics, but it gets really expensive. Not to mention, acrylics are pretty rough on your actual nails. Now, when I want the look of acrylics I go for glue-on nails. I like the color of these Kiss Gel Fantasy ones, and the length is perfect!

What’s your favorite drugstore beauty product? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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