Elevate Your Look with Curtain Bangs: My Before and After

Elevate Your Look with Curtain Bangs: My Before and After

This 70’s hairstyle is making a major comeback. Vogue UK has even declared the curtain fringe as the biggest hair trend for summer 2021. I cannot tell you how many curtain bang TikTok tutorials tempted me before I booked my hair appointment. I am happy that I went to a local salon, Bloom Collaborative, to get the look.

It was my first hair appointment in a while, so I was excited to finally treat myself. I booked a cut as I typically do, but I also came ready with some inspiration photos on my phone. I described the length of bangs I wanted as “down to my smile.” I didn’t want them too short or too long. I figured this would be the perfect length to frame my face, as well as a good length to style.

For my trim, I asked for all of my dead ends to be chopped off. I trusted whatever length my hairstylist thought would be healthiest. As I said, it had been a while, so a few inches off seemed appropriate.

I took a selfie before my hair appointment and a selfie a couple of days after my appointment for comparison. I’m purposely not showing you my fresh out of the salon look since I am not able to recreate that on a regular basis. Instead, I want to give you a realistic and everyday view.

I absolutely love how the curtain bangs turned out. It’s a subtle change, but it’s just the change I wanted. I appreciate how the bangs work with my face shape and how they work with my naturally wavy hair.

If you are considering curtain bangs, I’d recommend looking at lots of photos for inspiration. There are quite a few variations and options, so it’s important to get specific about what you want. You and a stylist can create a look that works best for you!

Currently, I’m having fun learning all the styling tips and tricks for my new bangs. TikTok has been a great source of inspiration once again. As I figure out the hacks that work and create some of my own, I will keep you posted!

Do you have curtain bangs? Would you try the style? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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