May Highlights ’21

May Highlights ’21

We have a lot to catch up on.

First things first, I graduated college in May! It still feels a bit unreal that I don’t have to check Canvas every day, but it feels good. Having a bit of extra free time without coursework has allowed me to recharge and re-energize. I look forward to using some of my newfound time to work on the blog and other projects.

Right after graduating in mid-May, I started a new job in the marketing/communications field! It was a goal of mine to get hired before graduation, and I met it just a week before walking in the ceremony. The job search was a challenging process, but I am grateful that I ended up in the position that I did. I feel like the saying “rejection is redirection” rings true.

In May, I also decided that it’s time to move! I’ve lived in the apartment I’m currently at for about two years now, so I’m craving a change of scenery. My new place will still be in Green Bay, but I’m hoping to upgrade a bit. Stay tuned for some new apartment and decor content in a few months!

What were your highlights? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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