Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer is what you make of it, so I decided to jump on the summer bucket list trend. I feel like it will help me be more intentional and get the most out of my days off. There’s no reason to say “I’m bored” when there is so much to enjoy during the summer months!

Here are some items from my personal list and ideas for your summer bucket list:

Have an outdoor picnic. Make that dreamy picnic scene on Pinterest and in your Instagram feed a reality! Text your group chat and plan a lunch or dinner to have outdoors. I plan on checking this item off of my summer bucket list next week (as long as the weather lets me)!

Attend your local farmers market. I swear I can smell the fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers when I think about it. Farmers markets are such a treat to go to and shop at.

Go on your very own Tour de Coffee. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. A Tour de Coffee is essentially a cafe crawl (instead of a bar crawl), but you create your own route. The rules are as follows: you have to stop at three coffee shops, you have to order a drink and food item from each shop, and you can’t take a bathroom break.

I first saw @girlmeetsnewyorkcity do this, and I thought it looked like a fun time. My friend Ashley and I ended up on our own tour last summer, and we vlogged it! You can check out our experience here. I would definitely suggest setting aside a day for this.

Read at least one book that empowers you. Simply put, it feels good to read something that makes you feel good or validated. A couple of books that I loved recently were Women Don’t Owe You Pretty and The Book of Moods. The next book I plan on reading is Kirstie Taylor’s What I Wish I Knew About Love.

Cook or bake something new. It feels so satisfying to create something from scratch, and it’s so much tastier. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to experiment with ingredients like wild mushrooms, chickpeas, and tofu!

Enjoy a spa night in. Make self-care a priority and gift yourself time to relax. For my at-home spa nights, I love to pick up bath bombs, a face mask, and some of my favorite snacks. Sometimes I’ll even rent a movie to enjoy.

Commit to a journaling challenge. You can find tons of journaling prompts and 30-day challenges on Pinterest. Sometimes I prefer a quote or question to respond to while journaling rather than just freestyling. Also, I think prompts are really helpful if you are new to journaling.

Buy yourself flowers. Here’s the perfect excuse to do something nice for yourself and support your local florist.

Go on a day trip (big or small). Plan a little adventure for yourself and maybe even take a few friends along! You could visit a new hiking trail, coffee shop, or beach that’s outside of your city. Whether it’s 30 minutes away or a few hours away from home, enjoy the mini getaway!

What else is on your summer bucket list? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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