A Bit About Me & MeganRoshak.com

A Bit About Me & MeganRoshak.com

While I know I do a lot of writing and talking online, it didn’t hit me until I took a look at my metrics. This post marks the big 100 on MeganRoshak.com. Whether you are new to the blog or have been here since the beginning, thank you for following along with me!

In honor of the milestone, I want to introduce or reintroduce you all to me and this online space that I’ve created. In short, a lot has changed since I first started this blog.

About Me

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Currently, I live and work in Green Bay, and I adore it. Green Bay is my hometown, so I’m most likely biased, but it has turned out to be a great place to finish my education and begin my career. Also, it’s where I’ve found the cutest apartment to call home.

For work, I primarily do content creation and social media marketing. I also dabble in radio. It’s an interesting mix, but I appreciate everything that I’ve been able to learn and continue to learn in my different roles. For fun, I enjoy writing, reading, listening to records, and checking out community events. I will typically never say no to coffee or live music.

About MeganRoshak.com

I first invested in my domain out of a simple love for writing. I had done a lot of guest blogging, and I wanted to have my own creative space where I could be the publisher. At the core, this is still why I blog. But, I also blog for reasons like community building and networking. I believe writing is best when it’s shared and when it can spark ideas or conversations.

On the blog, you can find content that fits into four different categories: lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and coffee.

I define lifestyle content as the type of content that shares my life, as well as tips and tricks, with you. Beauty content includes reviews and how-tos on the latest beauty trends. The fashion content that I create usually showcases thrifted finds and DIYs. Last but certainly not least, coffee content includes anything and everything coffee related. Typically in coffee blog posts, I’m trying or sharing different and new drinks.

And that just about sums up me and the blog. Cheers to 100 posts, and here’s to many more!

What would you like to see more of on the blog? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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