A Glimpse at My New Apartment

A Glimpse at My New Apartment

If you’ve been following along, you may know that I recently moved! It has been my goal to curate my new apartment into a cozy and functional home. Slowly but surely, I’ve been getting my new space fully furnished, decorated, and put together. Not everything is complete quite yet, but I do feel ready and excited to share a glimpse of what is.

First, let’s begin in my living room. Here, I have one of my favorite pieces which is a signed Tank Girl comic poster. I got lucky at the Green Bay ReStore and found the perfect wooden frame for it. For aesthetic purposes, and because the frame is heavy, I think this artwork may stay simply rested against the wall.

Alongside Tank Girl, I have a dracaena plant. This is my first plant in this apartment, so if all goes well, I may add more!

Also, in my living room, I have a Valley of the Dolls movie poster that I adore. Valley of the Dolls is a slightly obscure movie from the late ’60s, but it’s one of my favorites. I recommend checking it out if you are ever in the mood for a bit of drama.

In my dining area, I also have a couple of different art pieces. On the left is an abstract painting that I did (you can check out my blog post about it here). On the right is a print I got at a comic con years ago. It’s a drawing of the character Eric from True Blood. The blue background on the portrait matched perfectly with my color palette, so I had to put it up. The gold frame was a Goodwill NCW find.

My bedroom might be my favorite room just because of my orange velvet comforter. It really just makes the room feel warm and cozy.

On the wall across from my bed, I created a collage with some Cindy Sherman postcard prints. I love her portraits, but they can be expensive, so this was a nice and accessible way to have some of her art displayed. This same type of collage could be easily recreated in your own home with your favorite art and command strips!

Last but certainly not least, I have to show you the bathroom and another Tank Girl print. As soon as I saw this print, I knew where it had to go. This frame is also from the Green Bay ReStore! If you are in the area, check them out for great deals on home decor and furniture.

I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into my new apartment. I’m sure that I will have more updates to share in the months to come, so stay tuned!

What are your best renter-friendly decor tips? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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