My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

While not every day looks the same for me, I try to find consistency in my morning routine. I find that having a morning routine allows me to be more proactive during the day rather than reactive. I view it as a time to practice some self-care and set intentions for the day ahead.

Most weekdays, I try to wake up around 5:15 am. On the weekends, I like to be up by 8:00 am. Of course, there are days where I hit snooze a few times, but in general, those are the times that my days get started.

I try not to go on my phone first thing in the morning. It was this Florence Given quote that helped me to break the habit: “Your happiness – the way you view yourself – and the content you consume is in your control. Make changes. Now.” I believe Instagram can be a great source of inspiration but not if you are playing a game of comparison. I’d recommend giving yourself a chance to romanticize your life before looking at others.

Taking an Obe workout class is how I like to get my day going. Sometimes I catch live classes, other times, I follow along to a replay. Cardio boxing and yoga sculpt classes have been my favorites to do lately. Honestly, any class led by Alex Scolari is a class that I will take.

After working out, I like to do my skincare and take a shower right away. For months, I’ve been using all Bliss products on my face. The Clear Genius Cleanser and Drench & Quench Moisturizer are the perfect duo for me. As far as hair care goes, I love to use Beachwaver’s Stay Strong Reparative Line. You can check out my hair wash day routine here.

Most of the time, I let my hair air dry while I go through the rest of my routine. I do my makeup at my makeshift vanity that’s made up of a mirror, floor cushion, and floor lamp. I adore this little spot in my apartment because of all the natural light.

Once I’m mostly ready, it’s coffee time! I recently invested in a SMEG espresso machine, and I’m in love. It’s such a dream to wake up to fresh espresso shots. If I add anything to my coffee, it’s typically a splash of cream and Goldmine Supershroom powder or Copina Co collagen.

My go-to breakfast lately has been an egg sandwich. I dress it up with lots of kale, sriracha, sharp white cheddar cheese or gouda, and a sprinkle of Trader Joes’ Everything But the Bagel seasoning.

After eating, I finish getting ready and check my planner. I keep tasks scheduled out by the hour. Being a visual person, I enjoy seeing everything laid out. It helps me to see the bigger picture and the progress that I’m making on projects. I’d recommend giving it a try if you ever feel stressed by your to-do list.

& that’s a wrap on my morning routine! Let me know yours in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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