Fangirling in Chicago: Attending Wizard World ’21

Fangirling in Chicago: Attending Wizard World ’21

Over this past weekend, I attended the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. It was fun to spend a Saturday in cosplay while browsing comics and other collectibles.

In previous years, I’ve attended this convention as Padme, Tank Girl, and even Mr. Freeze. This year, Frenchie from The Boys inspired my #OOTD. I managed to thrift every piece of the outfit, so it was a fairly easy costume to put together. It’s just made up of plaid pants, a belt, suspenders, and a grey t-shirt that I cropped and painted a skull bunny on. If you’re also a fan of the show or comics, feel free to steal this costume idea for Halloween.

At the convention, there’s always a lot to see. My favorite photo opp was definitely with Chicago Tardis‘ Winston. Winston is a Dalek aka a mutant alien from the show Doctor Who. If you don’t know the show, I understand that may all sound very confusing. But anyway, trust me when I say that it’s pretty cool to see a life-sized replica in person.

I’m happy that I brought a few pieces of the convention home with me. My haul included a Powerpuff Girls charm bracelet, vintage Purple Rain and Annie Hall movie promotions, and a Jeff Goldblum print from Kelsey Rushing. You may just see some of these items show up in upcoming apartment decor blogs!

Have you ever attended a comic con? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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