Showing Up Authentically on Social Media

Showing Up Authentically on Social Media

Authenticity and social media aren’t always two peas in a pod. However, with good intentions, they can be.

Social media can be used in a way that is uplifting and true to you. It can be used to express yourself and connect with others that share your interests. Here are a few best practices when showing up online:

Type like you talk. How you speak IRL should line up with how you communicate on social media. If you wouldn’t actually say something that you are typing then there is a disconnect with who you are and who you are showing up as online.

Share content that you enjoy creating. When you share content that you’re passionate about, your online community can tell. If you are just posting something because you think it will get engagement, your community can tell. Create and publish genuine content that matters to you, and your community will show up for it.

Use filters to enhance images rather than alter them. Filters and editing tools are great for creating sharp and high-quality images. But, I do believe they can be overused. If you want your digital community to get to know you on social media, you have to be real.

Be honest and transparent. I believe transparency is especially important when you are posting #sponsored or #gifted content. If you promote a brand on social media that has paid you in currency or product, you should be open about it.

Create healthy boundaries for yourself. Being authentic on social media doesn’t mean that you have to share anything and everything. You have control over your own social media account, so you have control over how much you decide to publish. I find that it’s good to strike a balance between the personal things that you make public and the things that you keep private.

How do you show up authentically on social media? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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