Not So Basic: How-To Upstyle Your Crewnecks

Not So Basic: How-To Upstyle Your Crewnecks

The season of *cozy* is upon us. I don’t know about you, but when cooler weather comes my go-to is a comfy crewneck. Unfortunately, If you add Uggs and a PSL, you get the ultimate basic look.

In order to make my loungewear a little more stylish, I came up with three *not so basic* DIYs:

The Raw Hem Vintage Crop

I love a good thrift find. A while back, I found this Hilfiger crew at Goodwill. Yes, it’s pretty cute already. But, there’s a simple way to upgrade it.

I took a pair of scissors and cut right above the thick waistband. Once it was cropped at the length I liked, I stretched the fabric from the bottom. This is key to do when cropping. Stretching the raw hem will make any imperfections of cutting less visible. Also, stretching out the fabric is what gives you the “rolled-up” fabric effect.

Before the DIY, the crewneck looked a bit slouchy. But now, it is the perfect length for my body and mid-rise jeans.

The Embellished Cute & Casual Crew

This crewneck has been in my closet for a while. I even cropped it previously. I figured it was time for another revamp.

For this DIY, I picked up some pearl beads at the craft store. I knew I already had a needle and black thread at home. Overall, there is not a lot of expense involved in this DIY, but you do have to commit some time.

I sewed on each bead individually. In a linear pattern, I started at the top and worked my way down until I felt like there was enough decor on my shoulders.

If I were to do this again, I think it would be fun to mix up the pearl placement. You could do pearls on just the arms. You could do pearls around the neckline. There are a lot of different ways to make it your own.

The Personality Piece

I recently brought this crewneck home from Target. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an impulse buy. I love the unique puff on the shoulders and the blush color. I got it in a size large so it would be oversized. For reference, I am typically a size small.

I thought this cute crewneck could use a delicate DIY. I picked up three embroidered iron-on letters. They read “MTM” for my podcast “Megan Till Midnight.”

I placed the letters where I wanted them and just ironed. It was an easy, cheap, and no-sew hack!

This is another DIY where you can play around with different placements (and of course, different words). It’s pretty simple, but small details can really enhance a look.

Which DIY was your favorite? Which DIY would you try? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

Style Mood Board: Looks I Have Been Loving

Style Mood Board: Looks I Have Been Loving

Lately, I’ve been working on defining my style and revamping my closet. Quarantine has really given me the time to go piece by piece of my current wardrobe and ask “does this spark joy?”.

To get some new outfit inspiration, I took to Pinterest and created a style board. 90+ pins later, I started to see some common trends and a color palette.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been loving:

Puffy Sleeves. Admittedly, I have not always been a fan of the puff, but now I can’t get enough. They are fun and add an interesting dimension to any look.

One Shoulder Crops. These tops are so cute yet so simple. The asymmetrical look can really upgrade an outfit without much effort.

Midi Skirts. Are these all over your Instagram feeds too? They look so comfy, flow-y, and carefree.

Embroidered Crewnecks. I have always been a fan of comfy crewnecks. But, not all of my crewnecks are what I’d consider *fashionable*. Embroidery gives crewnecks a cleaner look.

Frills. Need I say more?

High-Waisted Pants. Personally, I find high-waisted more flattering on my body than low-waisted. If we went back to the early 2000’s, I may feel differently.

Pastel Colors. Greens, pinks, and tans have been my go-tos lately.

My current closet holds some of the listed looks, but I am still on the hunt for others. I may have to jump on the “thrifting my Pinterest board” bandwagon…

Which looks do you love? Where do you shop? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

The Shirt-Skirt Style Hack

The Shirt-Skirt Style Hack

This fashion DIY is one I have used and loved for a while. It requires no cutting or sewing, and you most likely have all you need in your closet.

I first discovered this hack when I was getting ready for a concert. I had a shirt and shoes picked out, but I didn’t have bottoms to complete my outfit. I knew I wanted to wear a skirt, but none of mine seemed to match.

I looked through my closet a bit more and came across a pattern that would match perfectly. When I pulled out the item, I realized it was a button-up shirt. I noticed it was a bit oversized which got me thinking.

I took the shirt’s arms around my waist and tied them. I then buttoned the shirt down my thighs. It ended up being the skirt I never knew I had.

Now, whenever I need a little variety or a pop of color, a shirt-skirt is my go-to. It makes for a cute and fairly effortless look that’s perfect for summer. It’s easy to imagine me going to a farmer’s market or on a coffee shop date in this outfit:

The next time you are stumped on what to wear, try it out!

Have you ever worn a shirt-skirt? What’s your favorite style hack? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

Steal That Look: Micro Bags

Steal That Look: Micro Bags

Since Lizzo’s look at the American Music Awards, micro bags have been in the spotlight. Dupes on dupes on dupes of her bag have been created. But, that is just the tip of the trend. The average consumer (that is not walking down the runway everyday) has created a market for micro bags that are compatible with the day-to-day life.

As YouTube personality Blair Walnuts says, you need enough space for “tampons, a will to live, and lipgloss” in a bag. Fair enough. She has been sporting a micro, Jacquemus bag on her Instagram with room for just that. I will admit, when I saw this in my feed, I went right to the online store to check it out.

self-coined her “titty bag”, loves it

The micro Walnuts has goes for $750 USD when bought directly from Jacquemus (not including shipping and handling). There are other sites where you maybe able to score a deal, but it will still cost a few hundred. The bag is very cute, but it’s not too attractive on a bank statement (in my opinion).

check out her aesthetic page, @blairwalnuts

If you want to steal the look *affordably* you can consider some dupes. Fashion Nova has some pretty good ones. The “Dare to Handle Me Mini Bag” ($19.99 USD) comes in rose and black; it has similar features to the designer version, but it differs with a gold chain strap. The “Our Little Secret Bag” ($24.99 USD) looks almost exact to the real Jacquemus, except for the gold lettering of course. The only catch is it only comes in red, but hey if that’s your color, perfect!

Fashion forward, adorable, and now fairly affordable…the micro bag may find its way into your purse collection (& I’ll admit, mine as well). We can complain together about how our phones don’t fit in it.