Welcome to the  blog! My name is Megan Roshak, and I am the creator and voice behind MeganRoshak.com.

About the Blog. I originally built this platform as  a way to express myself creatively and connect with others through writing. As I have grown with my blog, I discovered my passion for creating lifestyle and beauty content. I also discovered the amazing community that is cultivated through blogging. 

My goal is to share content that we can all use in our daily lives as well as content that shares my life with you. I do this through the written content you see on this website and the talks and interviews you can hear on my podcast.

About Me. I am a 23 year old living in Green Bay, WI, and I am a recent college graduate. My day jobs are in the broadcasting and marketing fields. You can typically find me at a local coffee shop typing away while sipping on an americano.

Let’s Chat. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter. For any business inquiries or other inquires, please use the contact page and submit a form.