Thrift Shopping Tips & Tricks

Thrift Shopping Tips & Tricks

Good style doesn’t have to be expensive. And honestly, it shouldn’t be.

You can build your dream wardrobe on a budget by thrifting. Sure, it takes a little extra work, but the treasure hunt is half the fun! Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips and tricks for scoring the best finds…

Look for basics. Sweaters, cardigans, jeans, basic t-shirts, and tanks are all great items to find at your local thrift shop. All of these items are perfect for layering and accessorizing.

Check out the lingerie section. Silk tops and skirts are in. You can sometimes score these items on a budget in your local thrift shop’s lingerie section. Wash before you wear, and it’s as good as new.

Try shopping off-season. As with most shops, you may be able to get some better deals by shopping off-season. Items like sweaters and jackets will be less picked over in summer rather than in winter. On the flip side, in winter, there will be less competition to find tanks and shorts.

Don’t miss out on deals. Some shops have a “color tag of the day” or “color tag of the week” that can save you some cash. Some shops will also offer you coupons if you donate items. In addition, some shops have rewards programs.

Be picky. Be realistic about how much you can really fit in your closet. Only bring home your favorite finds. Just because it’s a good deal, doesn’t mean you need it.

I hope that you find these tips and tricks useful on your next thrift trip. Happy shopping!

What’s your best thrift find? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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