Steal That Look: Florence Given’s ’70s Aesthetic

Steal That Look: Florence Given’s ’70s Aesthetic

UK-based artist and author Florence Given has a gorgeously unique and defined style. I admire her bold attitude and confident self-expression. You may recall a few times on the blog where I have quoted her book, “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty.”

As a way to play around with my personal style, I recreated three of Florence’s in-feed outfits. This allowed me to mix and match items that I already had in my closet in new ways. This also forced me to jump outside of my comfort zone.

First up, I copied this little black dress look. This was fairly simple to put together since it just required a black dress, black boots, and a scarf. I think this is the perfect simple yet elevated outfit to go out in.

Second, I put my own twist on another one of Florence’s slip-dress looks. This outfit was a lot of fun to put together; it challenged me to mix up various patterns, textures, and colors.

Last but certainly not least, I recreated this black and denim look. As with the first outfit, the “recipe” is pretty simple. All you need is a black tank, black boots, jeans, and a black belt. This is a great outfit for looking effortlessly put together.

While I have my personal style preferences, recreating Florence’s outfits helped me to explore. I believe that when it comes to style, you have to be open to trying new things whether it’s a new trend or aesthetic. Through trials and the occasional errors, you are able to learn a lot about yourself and what your style truly is.

Which look was your favorite? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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