Visiting Kentucky: Red River Gorge, Churchill Downs, and More!

Visiting Kentucky: Red River Gorge, Churchill Downs, and More!

Last month, I hit the road to Kentucky with my S.O. and family. We saw and explored a lot during the three-day road trip.

We left Green Bay, WI on a Thursday night to begin the drive. After a few hours, we made it to Fair Oaks, Indiana. We decided to spend the night at the Fairfield Inn by Fair Oaks Farm.

This hotel was very cute and unique. The outside looked like a literal barn, and an actual farm was a short walk away. It was fun to explore the farm store, the hotel, and the property that the hotel was on. I appreciated the very *aesthetic* cow statues that were in the lobby.

Staying here gave us all the rest we needed to continue the drive Friday morning.

It took most of the day to make it to our cabin in the Red River Gorge area in Kentucky, but we made it before dark. We stayed at the “Along the Ridge” rental. It was roomy, beautifully tucked away, and it even had a hot tub.

On Saturday, we went on a few hikes. First, we explored Gray’s Arch. Then, we walked across the Sky Bridge. Both trails were gorgeous with amazing views. As someone who doesn’t typically hike, I found these trails more than doable. It made me want to explore more hiking trails on future trips, as well as back home.

After a long day of adventuring, we made it back to the cabin to enjoy family time and mules.

We got up fairly early the next day to finish sightseeing before heading home. On the road to Churchill Downs, we got to stop at a Buc-ee’s. I’d describe it as the Disneyland of c-stores. Seriously, they had everything (not to mention a bronze beaver statue in front of their store).

Arriving at the Churchill Downs gate was incredible. I felt like an ant next to the entrance. In case you didn’t already know, Churchill Downs is where the Kentucky Derby happens, but they host other horse races throughout the year. It was cool to see the place and a few races in person. Of course, I had to get a mint julep to really take in the atmosphere.

We got back to Green Bay early Monday morning, so after some sleep, it was time to get back into the swing of things. I feel like we definitely made the most of our time in Kentucky, and I enjoyed seeing so many new sights. I’d love to go back sometime and maybe even see the Kentucky Derby.

Have you ever been to Kentucky? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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