Starbucks Drinks You Have to Try, According to a Former Barista

Starbucks Drinks You Have to Try, According to a Former Barista

Before ending up at my current jobs, I pulled espresso shots, steamed milk, and misspelled many peoples names. Being a Starbucks Barista entails way more than that of course, but in short that’s what I did. I loved it and enjoyed the unlimited drink perks. You see, if you work at Starbucks you can drink all the coffee you want on your breaks. This allowed me to get very creative with drink combos. I have compiled some of my favorite and most exotic caffeine fixes for you to try yourself.

Here’s the Order, Say it with Me…

“Can I get a Doppio Espresso Con Panna with one pump White Mocha?”.

Translation: “Espresso Con Panna” is simply an espresso shot with whip cream on top. “Doppio” is really just a fancy way of saying you want two shots. “White Mocha” is a white chocolate syrup; it is very thick and sweet, so just one pump is the perfect complement for the two shots of espresso. I enjoy this drink when I want 1) a quick caffeine boost and 2) something sweet.

“Can I get a Grande Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice, with half pumps, substitute Vanilla Syrup, and Coconut Milk?”

Translation: The “Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice” is a menu item that, depending on size, has way more than just two espresso shots. I won’t go into exacts, but just know you will be caffeinated.

The espresso shots, syrup, and ice are all shaken up together like a cocktail and then topped milk. Half pumps of syrup I suggest so it’s not too sweet. I substitute vanilla syrup in for a smoother taste. I tend to opt for the coconut milk because of the flavor profile it helps create, but other milks work well in this drink too.

“Can I get a [any size] Passion Tango Tea Lemonade, with half pumps, substitute Raspberry Syrup?”

Translation: The “Passion Tango Tea Lemonade” is pretty much a herbal tea version of an Arnold Palmer tea. Adding raspberry creates a fruity flavor profile. Half pumps of syrup ensure the flavor isn’t too much. It’s a very refreshing drink. This is a more summer go-to for me personally, but it can be enjoyed every season.

“Can I get a [any size] Iced Americano, with Raspberry Syrup, and Coconut Milk?”

Translation: An “Americano” is a drink made up of espresso shots and water. The raspberry syrup and coconut milk are nice additions for some flavor. This is a very classic order of mine.

(Also, my Starbucks had stickers on this day…how adorable!)

“Can I get a Grande Latte, with three packs of Honey, Cinnamon Powder on top, and Coconut Milk?”

Translation: The best way to explain this one is by calling it a “Honey Latte”. “Honey Lattes” are on some other coffee shop menus, but they can be created at Starbucks with the recipe above. I always suggest coconut milk, but you can do any type of milk you like in this one. It’s a creamy and more “naturally” sweet latte. If you order smaller or larger, you can alter the number of honey packs accordingly.

“Can I get a [any size] Espresso Frappuccino with Coconut Milk?”

Translation: “Espresso Frappuccinos” are pretty much just a blended latte. I add coconut milk for some natural sweetness, but this drink can definitely be spiced up more. Add some syrups if you’d like. Add some caramel drizzle. There is a lot of room for customization.

Tip your Baristas & Sip On

I hope you can enjoy some of my favorite combos and get creative with your own! Comment or @ me on Instagram if you enjoy the drinks or have new hacks to share.


just your basic pink drink
translation: yum

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