I Tried Starbuck’s New Dairy-Free Drinks, Here Are My Thoughts…

I Tried Starbuck’s New Dairy-Free Drinks, Here Are My Thoughts…

A new year means new drinks to try on the Starbucks menu. Recently, they announced the addition of three dairy alternative sips. What is really unique is they all include blonde espresso rather than the traditional blend. This helps to create a smoother and sweeter caffeine fix.

As a self-endorsed coffee connoisseur and former barista, I thought I needed to offer my review. Maybe this was also an excuse for me to order three lattes at once, but I’ll let you judge that while I get my palate ready.

First Up, The Almondmilk Honey Flat White

This drink is *technically* not new, but it is now an official menu item. Before this was branded as such, you would’ve been able to order a regular flat white with the addition of honey and substitution of blonde espresso with almond milk. But, background aside, the “new” release does encourage the average consumer to try a dairy alternative (which I am very down for).

After I took a sip… I was very impressed. I enjoyed the foam which is characteristic of flat whites. The drink had a very, full bodied flavor. It was a fun, “nutty” drink.

Next, The Coconutmilk Latte

This drink has also existed before, except for the added cascara sugar in the new recipe. The blonde espresso and sugar streak do add something special that makes it a treat.

The only issue I could see this new menu item creating is because of it’s name; usually a coconutmilk latte would just mean a simple latte with a milk substitute and no additions. But hey, I still had to taste test it to make sure…

I enjoyed one sip…and then another…and then another. The drink was extremely smooth. It also had the perfect sweetness added in.

And Finally, The Oatmilk Honey Latte

Okay, fine, this one is actually pretty new for Starbucks. It’s the same deal as the first drink, but it has a different “milk” and foam ratio (in the future, we can talk more about the tedious details of flat whites vs lattes).

Oatmilk has not before been supplied to as many Starbucks locations as it is now. In my area, the local coffee shops were where I’d have to go if I wanted oatmilk. However, now I can get almost everything I want at Starbucks…Anyone else feel this way? Could this be the drink that helps corporate coffee take over? Only time will tell.

TBH this one didn’t initially impress me. Oatmilk has a thinner consistency which makes me appreciate it more iced. But, I will say after another try, I enjoyed the smooth flavor of honey with the blonde espresso. Being that I had a passenger seat full of Starbucks, I delivered this drink to another taste tester…she absolutely loved it.

So, Which One Should You Cash a Star Reward in For?

The drink that has my heart and payment from my Starbucks app is the Almondmilk Honey Flat White. The flavors in it and craft of the beverage really got me. Out of the three, it is the one I finished first, and I enjoyed every sip. In the meantime, it’s officially my favorite menu item, but I am excited to see what they come out with next.

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