The Beautiful World of Broadcast Radio

The Beautiful World of Broadcast Radio

In the summer of 2019, I interned with a radio company which has become one of my current places of work. I was able to explore various aspects of the radio industry and learn how the person behind the mic speaks to you in your car. The experience was influential (to say the least) in shaping the opportunities and knowledge I now have. Also, admittedly, it was a pretty good time spent with some really amazing people.

I’m glad there is still a record of my first day, “intern test”, to look back on…

Thankfully, we all passed and got to spend the summer helping out with station events and concerts. We even got to create our own podcasts with 94.3 Jack FM. Fellow Intern Faith and I spilled the tea on ours: “Girl Let Me Tell Ya”.

Every day was something different. One minute we would be on the Y100 stage at Country USA (a music festival in Oshkosh, WI) and the next we would be working the music tent at the LPGA Classic at Thornberry Creek.

Somedays we hung out in the offices shadowing different departments. Other days we helped out at remote broadcasts (the video below is from a 101 WIXX remote). I was able to make so many memories and connections.

And after dancing through the summer… I got hired on! Being on-air and producing were my new roles. I learned more about putting myself out there through my intern experience. I also learned that radio broadcasting is a lot more than just simple air waves. It takes heart, personality, and a whole lotta love for music.

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