So, Here’s the Tea…

So, Here’s the Tea…

If you know me IRL or if you have heard any of my podcasts, you may have read that title perfectly in my voice. It has been a catch-phrase in my vocabulary, and its major comeback is thanks to Blooming With Joy Tea.

Recently, I got the opportunity to work with this fun and family-run tea company. I’m a tea-lover (and self-identifying connoisseur), so this made for the perfect collaboration.

Blooming With Joy sent me over their New Blend Box; its a monthly subscription box that they curate with three different teas to try. As you will see, it even includes some extra goodies! When the happy mail came to my door, I couldn’t wait to unbox it.

Inside I found two trial size teas; I already sipped on the “Sanitea” blend and am looking forward to trying the “Cheeryful Heart” herbal tea. I also received a full size of their “Double Chocolate Chai” black tea (yum!).

A few lil candies were included in the box along with a cute card, it reads:

“To the Fairest of them all, Be kind. Be patient. Be generous. Be accepting. Be all of this things to yourself. That is were it begins.”

If that wasn’t sweet enough, the flip side includes descriptions of the teas that suggest pairing options and give even more kind words. I appreciated the thought and time that was put into the box; it truly is a tea tasting experience. I would recommend it to any tea-lover looking to explore.

Keep Calm & Brew On

You can check out the Blooming With Joy New Blend Box here; its only $14.99 a month with free shipping! Blooming With Joy is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

You can check out my unboxing video here to join me for a cup of tea!

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