The Shirt-Skirt Style Hack

The Shirt-Skirt Style Hack

This fashion DIY is one I have used and loved for a while. It requires no cutting or sewing, and you most likely have all you need in your closet.

I first discovered this hack when I was getting ready for a concert. I had a shirt and shoes picked out, but I didn’t have bottoms to complete my outfit. I knew I wanted to wear a skirt, but none of mine seemed to match.

I looked through my closet a bit more and came across a pattern that would match perfectly. When I pulled out the item, I realized it was a button-up shirt. I noticed it was a bit oversized which got me thinking.

I took the shirt’s arms around my waist and tied them. I then buttoned the shirt down my thighs. It ended up being the skirt I never knew I had.

Now, whenever I need a little variety or a pop of color, a shirt-skirt is my go-to. It makes for a cute and fairly effortless look that’s perfect for summer. It’s easy to imagine me going to a farmer’s market or on a coffee shop date in this outfit:

The next time you are stumped on what to wear, try it out!

Have you ever worn a shirt-skirt? What’s your favorite style hack? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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