July Highlights

July Highlights

Here’s what I have been up to…

Early in the month, I received some happy mail. The latest copy of The Voyageur Magazine came fresh off the presses. I was on the editorial board for the issue, so it felt good to finally see my work in print. All the hours I spent copy editing were completely worth it.

While life has remained *socially distant*, I focused on making more connections online. This has led to really great conversations and even new opportunities.

Through Instagram networking, I got connected with the team at Qatch. I had a conversation with the co-founders, Nicole Phillips and Raquel Phillips, on my podcast (you can listen here). And, I even joined Qatch’s campus ambassador team for the upcoming semester!

Throughout the month, I refocused on self-care. When I realized I wasn’t prioritizing necessary down time, I began to make time for the little things like bullet journaling. I found that even going on coffee runs gave me time to clear my thoughts. I am looking forward to bringing these habits into August.

Before closing out this post, I want to thank you for following along! I appreciate being able to share some of my highlights with you through these monthly blogs. I would love to know: What were your highlights? Tell me in the comments or on Instagram. Let’s chat!

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